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Causality 4 walkthrough

Causality 4 walkthrough
Causality 4 or Casualty 4 as always mistaken by many players due to the number of casualties you are going to cause in this fun point and click adventure game. Get ready for some Causality History epiccnesss!! Kill the Stick Kingman in a castle siege, watch out for the hungry alligators and protect your horsey will 'ya! Cause, airport mayhem and make stick travelers lose their frequent flier miles (who needs those anyway) out for security! Ski resorts are supposed to be relaxing but squirrel thinks it santa! Play it here.

Causality 4 walkthrough

Steps to beat level 1
1: click the bottom archer 1&2 must be done fast
2: click the archer on the tower
3: as the little “boat” stops click on the bottom archer
4: when he gets next to the alligator click on him and the alligator will eat him
5: click on the top archer once
6: click on one of the wheels of the catapult(when it shoots it will slightly open the gate)
7: click on the swordsman,as he walks toward the gate click on the guy shooting the catapult and he will get launched,once the swordsman is at the edge click on the gate and he will crushed by the gate(this must be done fast)
8: click on a cloud to change the direction of the wind
9: click on the top archer and he will get killed by his own arrow
10: click on the horse

Level 2:
1) Clich the crooked book in the book store.
2)Click the stickman that walks over to the book.
3)Clich the 2nd floor baggage handler as he is moving the luggage.
4)Click the right antenna
5)Click the 1st floor baggage handler.
6)Click the dude in the X-ray
7)After the pilot picks up his bag, click the baggage handler.
8)After the cop arrests the thief, click the camera over his head.
9)Click the wheel of the airplane
10)When the pilot is outside, click the guy on the roof twice.

Level 3
1) Click the squirrel. His nut will roll onto the slope. Keep clicking alot so the squirrel follows it. The blue skiier will skii into the trees.
2)QUICKLY click the back of the orange skiiers head BEFORE he gets past the second post! When he falls, quickly click the lower ski pole so the orange guy falls on it and dies. Then QUICKLY click the flag so the green guy gets distracted from seeing the orange guy die. Snow will cover the orange guys body.
3)Click the guy with the ax. When he goes into the house and smoke begins to rise, click the tree closest to the door to block him in.
4)Keep clicking the squirrels nut until it falls down the chimney. When the squirrel sits on the chimney, click him so he gets stuck. The squirrel and man both die.
5)Last, click the pink snow boarder. Keep clicking him until he goes off the slope and crashes into the green guy killing both of them.

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