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Johnny, Why Are You Late? walkthrough

Johnny, Why Are You Late? walkthrough
The greatest adventure of man starts at home. Johnny, why are you late? is a game everyone can relate. So why is he late? Find out in this point and click adventure game! Features 5 achievements. Funny characters and laugh out loud dialogues. Also, there's a fun minigame before the ending. Coming soon! Play it here.

Johnny, Why Are You Late? walkthrough

The drawer codes are:
803 (Tilt your head sideways and look at the white spaces in the note)
666 (Ignore the primary colors in the poster in the wall)
Note: You can't input these codes until you found the clue for them.
Achievements Guide
Sniper - Get the toilet tube in the bathroom. Use it on the completed Potato Cannon
Bravery - Do not pickup the wallet and reach the car driving level
Dirty Secrets - Look at the two sets of moles in the knees of Annie, one is visible when she's in the kitchen (move the table cloth) and the other 2 when she's on the sofa. Use the code 1431 on her box upstairs.
Speed Devil - rapidly click the left mouse button when on the car driving level to reach 200kph
Evil Thoughts - use the Ice Pick on Annie in the sofa.

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