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Apples in the Tree walkthrough

Apples in the Tree Game walkthrough
Apples in the Tree Game is another platformer game on newgrounds. This game is about a long legged girl as she tries to reach an apple tree to perform her ritual. Your actions as you progress through the game determine what ending you will get. There is a good, neutral, and bad ending depending on if your helpful or not. Play it here.

Apples in the Tree Game walkthrough medal guide

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Nine Mile (Homepage) said...

This isn't the medal guide; she never even enters the dream state. This is just a game run through for one ending.

DarknessKight (Homepage) said...

Well this is where my views are coming form. This isn't a medal guide like the guy above says. Don't know where you got that one author. Will post the medal list here anyways.


Skull Beneath the Skin: Click on the skull in the locked cabinet

Dreamer: Go to sleep and visit each of the paths laid out.

Children of the Grave:Go to sleep and visit the graveyard.

Tornado of Souls: Go to sleep and take the right-most path. Just make it to the hanger.

The Beast of Pirate's Bay: Go to sleep and go through the underwater path. Follow the path laid out making sure to not fall in the first pit. Get to the end and help the creature there.

Smashing Pumpkins: run over all the pumpkins in the field and jump on the pumpkin in the basement with the bugs till it breaks. Then go to sleep, enter the graveyard and jump on Jack Skeleton's head till it breaks.

Fan Number 1: Go to sleep and enter the right-most path. Save the person on the way to the hanger. Then go to sleep again and enter the graveyard. Head left and talk to Ozzy.

Goodnight Demon Slayer: Go to sleep and enter the upper left path. Kill all 20 demons by running over them. Can be difficult.

Coward: On the last day doing either the good or bad route, skip the tied up thing and continue to the right. Doesn't seem accessible when doing the neutral route.

When Your Evil: Be mainly a douche throughout the game.

Mrs Nice Girl: Be mainly helpful throughout the game.

Gray Fox: Try to remain neutral throughout the game either by doing good and bad things or by doing absolutely nothing besides sparing the pumpkins.

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