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The Gun Game 2 walkthrough

The Gun Game 2 walkthrough
The Gun Game 2 is another point and click physics based puzzle slash action game from bored. Do you have the fastest and most accurate shooting skills? Play the sequel to the smash-hit! The GG2 is one of the most in-depth flash games on the web with fully customizable characters, perks, and weapons in a game that tests your might as the fastest trigger finger in the world! Do you have what it takes to unlock prestige mode? Play it here.

The Gun Game 2 Walkthrough
Rookie Missions

Veteran Missions

Elite Missions

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joost.louwe (Homepage) said...

please can u put the expert puzzles on

Charlie (Homepage) said...

yeah i'm stuck on the last one.

austintm (Homepage) said...

how do you use the minigun? i have it and it wont fire

Xavier (Homepage) said...

i got the minigun. click and hold for it to spin up for 3 seconds, then let all hell loose!!!!!

AiFran (Homepage) said...

how i use the grenade launcher

destroyer 1337 (Homepage) said...

i got PRESTIGE MODE!!!!!!!!!

andreas (Homepage) said...

how do you get prestige mode

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